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Professional Motivational Speaker

"WIN Without Competing" is the life mantra of author, talk show host, and CEO, Dr. Arlene Barro, a UCLA Ph.D., who is The Creator of The Right Fit Method, which is the subject of her book WIN Without Competing!, nominated for a business book award. In Dr. Arlene Barro's world the standard of "best" does not exist. Her standard is The Right Fit. Make that your standard and change your life.

Dr. Barro has addressed an array of institutions in the United States including: National Cancer Institute, NIH, University of California at Los Angeles, Cleveland Clinic, Emory University, METLIFE Corporate Headquarters, Cornell University, National Society of Hispanic MBAs, and the Association of American Medical Colleges. In Israel, Dr. Barro addressed Hebrew University, Ben Gurion University, Tel Aviv University, Technion University and other venues.


Eliminate Erroneous Assumptions

Prevent Perilous Consequences

With Dr. Arlene 



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The Right Fit Controls and Standards Must Rule

Founded in 1754, Columbia University Burns their Brand

Delay, Indecision, Denial destroyed their credibility!


Speaker Topics

• Throw Out the Barrel of Rotten Apples

We make decisions based on the fundamental belief that we must search for the “best”; we compare and contrast. Picture a barrel of rotten apples, pick the “best” one and hold it in your hand. What do you have? A rotten apple. Change your standard from “best” to The Right Fit and watch your entire professional and personal life change in a flash. Throw out the standard of “best” and the barrel of rotten apples. If you focus on The Right Fit, you will make the right decisions. You won’t hire the wrong employees or take the wrong position, nor marry the wrong spouse or buy the wrong house. When you master The Right Fit Method, you will save time and money, reduce stress and feel empowered to soar to new heights.

• Make No Assumptions: Open Those Doors

In all aspects of our lives we make erroneous assumptions. It’s a habit which significantly effects our actions and ultimately the results that we want to achieve. If we act on those erroneous assumptions, watch the negative consequences unfold with a domino effect. Stop making the erroneous assumptions (you’re probably saying “I don’t make any,” yes, you do!), especially “I can’t do this because…” and open those doors marked “opportunity.” Watch your “luck” change.

• Cultivate Your Creativity

The seeds of creativity are planted in childhood. What if those seeds were not planted and you yearn to be creative or you’re creative and want to become more creative? Can you nurture your creativity as an adult? Absolutely, if you are willing to change your behaviors and unleash your divergent-thinking abilities, which are the keys to the kingdom of creativity. Remember this mantra: Rigidity is the enemy of creativity. Implementing divergent-thinking abilities will help diffuse rigid behaviors. Sprinkle some other new behaviors and a change of attitude into the mix. Then, soak yourself in passion. Oh, you can’t find your passion? Yes, you can. Find that passion and add it to the mix. Now you have all the keys to the kingdom of creativity. For the rest of your life you can develop your creative abilities and experience an amazing sense of fulfillment.

• Focus on the End Result, Not Your Ego

It’s amazing how much time we can spend distracting ourselves from our desired outcomes or goals. If you focus on how you feel about this, that, and the other, you will reduce your ability to succeed. If you are given the choice between leaving your current position (no golden parachute) or taking a step down within your company, would you walk out unemployed because your ego is bruised? Many walk out in this situation. In all aspects of our life we are faced with decisions that involve our egos or other distractors. Figuring out in advance how to handle these situations could make the difference between success and failure in both your professional and personal life.

• No Competition: It’s All Up to You!

Competition and comparison go hand in hand. Stop asking the question “Who is the best?” or “What is the best?” If you compare – looking for similarities – or contrast – looking for differences – you are distracting yourself from focusing on yourself. Instead, set high standards for yourself against which no one can compete. But high standards are not enough. You need to know how to make those standards work for you in a step-by-step plan focused on achieving results. To do that, you will need to implement a unique set of strategies incorporated in The Right Fit Method. The extent to which you achieve the results that you want, either professional or personal, depends on you. There is no competition. It’s all up to you!


Dr. Arlene, Professional Motivational Speaker, WIN Without Competing Woman,
The Creator of The Right Fit Method can change the trajectory of your professional
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